How I wish the above was true but it is not; and after making my list and looking at my past resolutions I realized that I have repeated a few.  Therefore I must still need to work on a few things. :) Hopefully this year I can conquer some of these and be a better version of me!

So what have I accomplished from the last time I listed my resolutions, lets take a look:

  1. Workout more – I definitely have been great about this.
  2. Eat better – I am pretty good about this, I plan my meals out every week it’s just the weekends and alcohol I suck at.
  3. Drink more water and less alcohol – I have gotten a lot better about this, however I am not at the gallon a day like I would like; more like a 1/2 gallon; but again alcohol is my crutch.
  4. Watch less tv – I’ve repeated again this year.
  5. Read more – I have really not been good about this, but with the repeat of #4 I hope that will help with this one.
  6. Work on my art – same as #5
  7. Finish unfinished projects: portfolio, Bucker’s scrapbook, scanning photos – I absolutely have not touched any of these projects; repeating them this year! :(
  8. Spend more time with my friends and family – I’ve actually done pretty good on this.
  9. Travel, travel, travel! – Thanks to Christopher I’ve been to Minnesota & Sweden! But there can never be enough traveling so this is repeated again this year.
  10. Spend less money – I was better about this, but a variation of this is is on this years resolutions.
  11. Pay off debts. – actually I have paid some off, but could do more; so this is also repeated for this year.
  12. Start my herb garden again and keep it alive. – I’ve given up on this until we get a house.
  13. Be better about blogging. – Yep definitely on this years! :)

Now as far as this year:

  1. Have a wonderful wedding – well who wouldn’t want this!
  2. Put my career on a path – I’m 38 yrs old and I need to think about my career and retirement.  I tried to put my career on a path before and that didn’t work out, so now it is time to start again.
  3. Travel to 2 places out-of-state – one of those places I plan on traveling to is Jamaica!
  4. Finish my projects: family tree, Buck’s book, and scanning my pictures.
  5. Get a puppy & train him – Chris and I have decided to get a puppy after the wedding. Even though we think about Buckers everyday, we feel that we are ready to have a puppy in our lives again.
  6. Get my body fat to 20% (and keep it there) – I really want to lean up for the wedding and I would like to keep my body in that shape once I get it there.  I realize to do this I will need to get to bed on time (I’m already overdue tonight) and drink less alcohol. :l Wish me luck!
  7. Payoff some more debts – I figure if I stick to my monthly budgets I will be able to pay some stuff off and save for the wedding!
  8. Blog at least once a week – I am sooooo bad about blogging and I really need to be better about it.
  9. Watch less tv – I have a borderline addiction to watching tv, and it is a time suckage! That being said, if I watch less tv and concentrate on doing some of the above items I might have a whole new list of resolutions next year!
  10. To learn to not be afraid of setting goals and challenging myself – I am not good at  doing this; I think I am afraid of disappointing myself.  Well one thing I know is not doing things because of fear just means that you don’t try!
  11. Get back on a snow board & have fun – Can’t let fear rule my life!!

I hope you all have set your goals and are holding yourself accountable for somethings.  Don’t be afraid to put some of your wants/goals for yourself on paper and check back once a month to see how you are doing!